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Gift Aid

Gift aid is tax relief on money donated to UK charities. Inland Revenue treat donations as if the donor had already deducted tax from them and the charity can then reclaim this notional tax, thus increasing the donation by 25% (whilst basic rate remains at 20%) at no cost to the donor.

Craigie Symington Parish Church is a registered charity,(Charity No. SC002144) and will therefore benefit from any donation given by Gift Aid

There are Gift Aid rules. Donors must pay enough UK income tax and/or capital gains tax themselves to cover the amount of tax the charity will reclaim and give the charity a Gift Aid Declaration which includes their name, their home address, the charity's name, confirmation that it is a gift aid donation and that they have paid the UK tax that the charity will reclaim (no details of income are required)

A declaration can be made to cover individual donations, a series of donations; can cover donations made during a specified period or to cover all future donations (so only one requires to be signed). They can also be backdated for up to 6 years prior to the date of the declaration provided the donation was made since 6 April 2000.

If a donor pays the basic rate of tax, he/she cannot claim further tax relief on the payments—if the higher rate of tax, he/she can claim higher rate relief on the payments by entering the donations in the gift aid box on their self assessment tax return.

Mungo Tulloch (address Heughmill, Craigie, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.KA1 5NQ. Tel. 01563 860389) will be pleased to provide a Gift Aid Declaration Form which has been specifically prepared for Craigie Symington Parish Church

Donations by Gift Aid are very welcome as they provide additional income to Craigie Symington Parish Church at no additional cost to the donor.


Our Sunday service is held at 09.30am. All visitors are made most welcome.

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